“Education is Freedom”    – Andre Gide

At Primus PU College, we believe that students represent the idea of our future. ..and the future is where we will live the rest of our lives! That makes it imperative that we give our students nothing short of the best. In keeping with the Primus promise of a curriculum that allows the student to explore while simultaneously inspiring a will to excel, the institution focuses on academic endeavour while allowing the student to follow his/her dream, feel passionately about issues that matter, to grow in an atmosphere of tolerance and become a team player.

“A man can become successful at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm”

Any educational programme for the age group 16 – 18 years must deal with the student’s need to make a career choice or a choice of professional education at the end of that term. The PU programme, therefore, will be a bridge between school education and that choice. To this end, Primus will provide the academic rigour required in these critical years.

The three founding principles that Primus stands for are:

  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  Special Scholarship Scheme for bright students
  • ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT: Extra-curricular activities encouraged
  • PROFESSIONAL COACHING: Coaching offered for entrance to professional courses