Counselors and Mentors


“Dip your tongue in wisdom, then give counsel.” – Bulgarian Proverb

Primus will have a qualified “wise” and experienced counselor on site to help the students deal with all the trials and tribulations they may encounter in these stressful years. The college counselor will be available on campus to deal with the myriad issues that students face in this stage of their lives. Students can approach the counselor for help in dealing with any of their problems.

We find that even parents sometimes need help to deal with their teenagers and our counselor will be happy to be of assistance.

Value education

The students will have regular interaction with their mentors where any topic of their interest can be discussed in an open environment. Issues that might be plaguing them personally or serious ethical issues or even topics of national/international interest will be taken up and debated. It offers a forum for students to share their views on multiple topics and helps them grow to be better people.

Remedial Classes

In keeping with the principle of inclusion and carrying all students along, special remedial classes will be conducted for those students who find the going tough. No student needs to feel like he/she is left behind.